Clubroot is the most destructive disease on crucifers in Indonesia. The existing control measures, include biological control do not provide satisfactory result. The objective of the study was to explore endophytic fungi of grasses, sedge, and bamboo rhizosperic soils, which can suppress clubroot disease caused by Plasmodiophora brassicae Wor. in broccoli. This research consisted of two main parts: (1) Exploration of root endophytic fungus from grass, sedge, and bamboo rhizosperic soils, (2) Biological control clubroot with root endophytic fungus isolates of grass, sedge, and bamboo rhizosperic soils. There were six species of endophytic fungi examined in this study, e.g Fusarium oxysporum, F. solani, Nigrospora sp., Curvularia lunata, Chaetomium globosum and Paecilomyces sp. which successfully colonized broccoli root endophytically. Two endophytic fungi Chaetomium globosum and Curvularia lunata suppressed clubroot disease significantly and increased the growth of broccoli. Application of the biocontrol agents by seed coating could increase the antagonistic effect of the biocontrol compared with the application by propagule suspension.


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